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11/21/2010 11:35 PM
stcroixer commented on PFL Founder's log entry

Sturgeon on St Croix Report

Hey, nice 40"!!

9/18/2008 10:11 PM
stcroixer commented on their own log entry

Lake Powers - Woodbury

as for pics, start right away with resizing and hosting so if people leave, the pics stay at PFL (and small)...... if it can be done, good luck!

1/14/2008 2:13 PM
stcroixer commented on their own log entry

Lake Powers - Woodbury

I will learn how this entry deal works, I see now that I entered all the info in the wrong area and it doesn't show up now.

1/14/2008 11:12 AM
stcroixer commented on PFL Founder's log entry

Late Fall Last Shot

Pool 4 is open year round and under 1 hour away boys!

11/07/2007 9:58 PM
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St.Croix CatfishingOnly got one! 7/17/2008
Lake PhalenAnyone ever caught a catfish at phalen? 1/14/2008
Lake Powers - WoodburyHit Powers Lake in Woodbury after PFL Founder bailed on Square Lake Trout opener. Fished from 3-5:30 Marked lots of small (not 1 big signature) fish and caught 5 small sunnies. Used a small tear drop tipped with Euro larva (white). Didn't bother to 1/13/2008
Last Sturgeon run of the year  10/14/2007

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