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B + BRelaxing Prospect park lake 5/15/2013
Fishing under da bridgeNo fish at the west point. 2 under the bridge. Prospect park lake 5/10/2013
fishing with NIGELextremly overcast and cloudy. Prospect park lake 5/8/2013
fishing with goodmensLots of sunnies, a few trout, and a bass. Upper yaphank Lake 5/4/2013
baseball game fishing pt. 22 fish in the bay. Prospect park lake 4/16/2013
baseball game fishingNo fish at this spot. Prospect park lake 4/16/2013
april fishing time; ballet2 bass and 2 sunfish. Prospect park lake 4/10/2013
bassThe bass (like the bluegills) wanted a slow fall. Prospect park lake 4/9/2013
:)Intense warming today. Fish were fairly agressive but wanted a slow fall. Prospect park lake 4/9/2013
april 2nd, Lower twinNo fish. Lower Twin pond 4/2/2013

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