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boat house concrete ledgeran out of time after catching a 3lber Lake Guntersville 4/21/2013
preston day twoslow presentation Lake Guntersville 4/21/2013
yellow flower flatflipping/pitching Lake Guntersville 4/21/2013
Spring creek pointfished rattle trap/topwater/buzz bait on grasses point Lake Guntersville 4/21/2013
Preston Pointunderwater laydown Lake Guntersville 4/20/2013
Bluff wallhigh water condition Lake Guntersville 4/20/2013
Murphy HillToo many boats/high water Lake Guntersville 4/20/2013
Church Hill sloughcold frontal conditions Lake Guntersville 4/20/2013
wildcatteam event Lake Guntersville 3/30/2013

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