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The Pro Fishing Log is a useful site where you can keep track of your fishing trips and keep in touch with your fishing buddies. You enter information about your outings and save it to your log with privacy options that allow you to make it public, just share it with your partners on the site or keep the info private for your eyes only.

The Pro Fishing Log is also a great resource for Fishing Reports and Minnesota Fishing information.  Search other members logs by target species, lake or date to see where they are biting and how they are being caught.  By keeping detailed logs for years, you will start seeing patterns that will make your outings a more successful and enjoyable.

  • Manage Your Fishing Log Online
  • Add Other Trusted Members as "Partners" to Share Information Not Publically Available
  • Upload Images to Your Log Entries
  • Search Other Members Logs for Minnesota Fishing Reports
  • Choose to Keep Any or All of Your Entries Private
...and Much More!

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