The Pro Fishing Log is a social networking site for fishermen that has a fishing log app built into it. Register and invite your friends to start sharing fishing stories, tips, photos, communications and fishing log entries.

Where do you start?

Register and start exploring the site. Every time you login, you will be redirected to your dock (profile page) where recent partner updates such as new fishing log entries, log comments and other Pro Fishing Log recent activities are listed. Links to your dock, your fishing log (journal) manager and your settings will always be available at the top of every page.

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Why Start a Fishing Log?

I found a couple articles on the web about keeping a fishing log. Don't take my word for it, see what they have to say about keeping a fishing log.

What about the fishing log apps?

For more information about the basic fishing journal or PFX fishing log app, scroll to the Start a Fishing Log Today section below.

Got Suggestions for The Pro Fishing Log?

The Pro Fishing Log website and PFX Fishing Log App is your opportunity to shape a fishing log application, helping to make it more useful by contributing feedback and suggestions. I encourage you to be involved by providing input by sending us feedback and help us grow together, making the site better. Some of the feedback I'd find helpful would be...

  • Additional info you would like to be able to enter into your basic fishing journal or PFX Fishing Log
  • What information you would like to be able to pull and possibly chart when researching your PFX Fishing Log entries
  • Issues, problems or frustrations with the fishing log website or basic fishing journal
  • Anything else that you think would improve The Pro Fishing Log website

Provide feedback by following the feedback link.


Start A Fishing Log Today!

The fishing log is free and valuable tool for all fishermen from weekend anglers, hardcore fisherman, tournament anglers, guides and resort owners.

The Pro Fishing Log website gives you the option of entering fishing logs either in the PFX Fishing Log application, which is more detailed and complex, or the basic fishing journal

The basic fishing journal allows you to make simple fishing journal entries by filling out a basic form. You have the option of setting each individual log as private, partner only or available to the public. In the basic fishing journal you enter date fished, lake (river,stream,ocean) fished, depth and species. In addition to those fields, there are fields for entering a title, summary and the fishing journal entry's details about the fishing trip. You access and manage your fishing journal when logged in by clicking the Log Manager link at the top of the page.

When it comes to useful fishing logs, it is all about the details. The type of data you enter into the PFX Fishing Log App is in-depth and provides meaningful insight into your past trips. The log entries are based on the time spent fishing a location or fishing spot, the specific local conditions at that time and details about fish caught like weight, length, girth, species and time caught. You are also able to log the weather and notes about your trip.

In addition to log entry, the PFX app also provides deeper ways to research fishing log entries you save. Use the PFX Fishing Log application as a tool for figuring out patterns, learning how to approach fishing a lake (river,stream,ocean), identifying locations to fish and spots to avoid based on the time of year and time of day. Charts, maps and graphs make researching past log entries easy.

The PFX Fishing Log Application includes an exciting mapping feature. When you enter a new log, you add fishing spots to the map and decide which of your partners has access to view and enter trips for that location. Fishing locations are protected and cannot be made public. You decide who to share with from your list of partners, and by sharing, you are increasing the amount of information you have access to when researching past fishing log entries for lakes and specific fishing spots (locations).

I have made every effort to make the application detailed and scalable, so that it will grow to be even easier to use and essential to your fishing success. This is your opportunity to make The Pro Fishing Log a useful fishing tool tuned to what what you want to be logging and what you need in a fishing journal.

Remember, fishing logs and fishing journals are not for today, but for succesful trips in the future. Every day you wait to start a fishing log, you fall a day behind. Next year you will be able to analyze fishing data collected on your fishing trips and entered into the fishing log today, giving you more confidence and a better chance of catching fish.

Before starting your fishing log with your first log entry, I encourage you to watch the fishing log video tutorials and read our fishing log tips. The videos will instruct you how to enter your first fishing log entry so you do it correctly. The fishing log tips will suggest the easiest ways to track your fishing out on the water.

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